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    Other names: Prilled sodium nitrate
    Molecular Formula: NaNO3
    Molecular weight: 84.99
    Cas No.: 7631-99-4
    Appearance: White Granular
    ItemGranular Grade
    Sodium nitrate99.0%min
    Sodium nitrite0.02%max
    Water insoluble0.05%max
    Chloride (as NaCl)0.25%max
    Sodium carbonate0.10%max
    Mainly used in glass bulb of kinescope and automobile lights, glass clarifier. Sodium Nitrate could be used as compound fertilizers of crops and flowers, leaf spraying fertilizer.In medicine industry, sodium nitrate is used in producing rifampicin etc. Used in producing cigarette paper, catalyst and mine separating agent.
    Sodium nitrate can be used as raw material for the manufacture of potassium nitrate, dynamite, bitter acid, dyes and pharmaceuticals, and as decoloring agent, defoaming agent, melting-facilitating agent, oxidant, metal cleaning agent etc.
    Packed in 25/50 kg plastic woven bag,or 1000kg bag.Sodium Nitrate factory

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