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    Danish residence test for family reunification was ‘tougher than allowed’

    Applications for residence in Denmark based on family reunification or for the purpose of religious leadership may have been incorrectly rejected, according to a Danish media report.
    Avis Jyllands-Posten reported on Wednesday that a Danish language and knowledge test, which was used in some family reunification and religiously based applications, was more difficult to pass than the law allows.

    The test in question has been in use since 2010 as part of the process by which foreign religious leaders are able to extend their residence permits in Denmark.

    It was also used as a requirement for family reunification in an 18-month period from 2010-2012, writes Jyllands-Posten.

    If the test proves to be more difficult than the law allows, some applications may have been rejected on an incorrect basis, according to the report.

    The problem with the test is reported to have been discovered when the parliament decided to increase the difficulty of the language element. The test already turned out to be at the level that politicians wanted, but in violation of the law.

    The Ministry of Immigration and Integration figures reported by Jyllands-Posten states that 27 religious leaders had their residence applications rejected after passing the test.

    The ministry was not able to confirm to the newspaper the number of applications for family reunification that may have been affected by the issue, but 800 applications are reported to have been rejected during the relevant period.

    Campaign group Marriage Without Borders (Marriage without Borders) criticized the apparent error in comments to Jyllands-Posten.

    “It seems that the central administration has done sloppy work. It should provide some reflection among politicians, “said the organizations’ senior adviser Kim Pedersen Nyberg. Nyberg urged persons whose applications were rejected on the basis of the test to apply to the state for compensation.

    During briefing to Parliament’s Immigration Committee in March this year, Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye called the case “very regrettable”, cara untung main togel but did not commit to reopening the affected cases. In a written comment delivered to Jyllands-Posten, the Ministry of Immigration said that it was “still investigating” whether cases could be resumed.

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