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    Owning a beautiful koi pond within the blooming koi carp also delivers luck and prosperity on the operator is an ideal idea.

    At present, koi carp has a lot more than 100 types with 13 major types with frequent features for example:

    Koi carp have gorgeous shapes of many sizes, lively hues that take vision-capturing to the aquarium.

    Koi fish is a lot like a number of other fish with the entire body spindle system, your body is divided into a few pieces: , and tail.body and head

    Depending on the various types of koi fish, it will probably be possible to breed of dog koi fish with distinctive attributes in shape, color and size.

    Thus, it could be noticed that people who really like fish but have limited space can still opt for this elegant hobby with little koi fish.

    The price varies, though currently, the price of mini koi fish depends on the size and genetics of the breed.

    With freshly designed koi will definitely cost about 10 to 50k / 1 fish. For the particular koi carp about 15cm will slip around 600k -700k/kg. For larger sized Koi using a dimensions of about 15 to 18cm, the purchase price will range between 900k to 1k1/kg.

    If their colors are special and beautiful, more unique, the price of mini koi may be slightly higher, especially note. So you can refer to buying in bulk to get the most preferential price.

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    Gia ca koi mini explore this resource.

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