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    Effect-resistant film is a exclusive protective fabric produced by a very high-technical approach that dependably protects cup from breakage, penetration and damage.

    The main property of such a film is that it does not allow the glass to fly apart in fragments when broken.

    The influence-tolerant film in the windows does not modify the transparency of your window in any way, it strengthens it, safeguarding it from various problems. Any glass and windows can be pasted over with this film, even if they have already been installed long ago. The armour film is perfect for pasting equally microsoft windows of household premises, and also professional and authorities organizations, in addition to glass buildings inside of properties, as an example, window wall space, doorways, exhibits.

    The protecting film, in contrast to roller shutters or grilles, does not impair the look of the window, it is absolutely invisible. First, of all, a series of protective films was created to protect glass from instant breakage, which it successfully copes with.

    Because only thanks to this installation, the film will be able to hold the fragments in case of breaking, the protective film is installed from the inside of the glass.

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