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    New York, NY–Gemological Technology International (GSI) announces the release of its new online training course, Laboratory-Grown Diamond Fundamentals, the industry’s initially instructional course specialized exclusively to laboratory-produced diamonds.

    The clinical-developed diamond industry is encountering speedy development and increasing demand for merchandise. GSI has graded and identified large numbers of lab-developed gemstones, along with its crew of researchers and scientists have made many well known discoveries relating to research laboratory-produced diamond detection.

    "It is vital that this expensive jewelry market is able to connect about lab-produced gemstones confidently along with transparency. GSI, for an expert laboratory in screening and sensing research laboratory-cultivated gemstones, is happy to share our knowledge with all the sector. We’re fired up we will offer an online resource that any member of the industry will see benefit in referencing." mentioned Alethea Inns, GSI’s key discovering official.

    “There are many subtleties with regards to laboratory developed diamonds; from the progress methods and treatments, to comprehending the a variety of inclusions, coloration undertones and other elements. It is not identical to natural diamonds,” additional Debbie Azar, chief executive and co-funder of GSI.

    Earlier this season, GSI took over as the very first key research laboratory to broadcast it could be

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