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    Temporal changes in cytokinechemokine profiles and pu lmon aryinvolv ementinsevereacuterespir atory syndrome.Elucidating the molecular physiopathology of acute respiratory distress syndrome in severe acute respiratory syndrome patients.Baricitinib therapy in COVID: A pilot study on safety and clinical impact.Developing Covid vaccines at pandemic speed.Email: luhongzhoufudan.edu.cn Released online in JSTAGE as advance publication June. CNN outperforms DNN when using RI spectral features.MSE and L losses aim to minimize the differences of enhanced and target and do not directly consider human perception and ASR performance.PESQ STOI STOI was designed to compute the speech intelligibility, and the STOI score ranges from to. The highest score per metric is highlighted with bold text.MetricGAN achieves the stateoftheart results for PESQ and other metrics.If, the filter will be removed.The averaged PESQ and STOI results over noisy utterances with respect to three noisy environments.SaDAE outperforms conventional DDAE for both PESQ and STOI.Proposed: improving the speech intelligibility of surgical patients.L.W. Chen, H.Y. Lee, and Y. Tsao, Generative adversarial ne tworks for unpai red voice transformation on impai red speech, Interspeech. The copyright holder for this preprint is the authorfunder.In this study, the direct targets of CDDP were studied for the first time, especially focusing on the protein kinase family, which plays causal roles in a variety of human disease.Firstly, the literature database of CDDP was constructed by literature retrieval, and the important components contained in CDDP were extracted.Finally, the experimental verification was carried out.In total, active kinase targets was obtained at gml concentration of CDDP, and dosedependent targets were obtained at gml concentration of CDDP.This is an efficient and accurate strategy by integrating the targets recorded in several public databases and the targets calculated by two in silico modelling approaches predict potential direct targets of TCM, which can lay an important foundation for the study of the mechanism and material basis of them, promoting the modernization of TCM.They have been practiced for thousands of years and have been proved to be effective in modern clinical practice.These prescriptions embodies the dialectical thought of TCM and the medication holistic view.However, there is still a lack of effective approaches to systematically study its mechanism and material basis.In recent years, the reductionist research model has accumulated a lot of data, and also provided illuminating research results, such as the discovery of artemisinin. However, considering the complexity of TCM, it is still difficult to completely separate and identify the effective components through the existed technology and analytical methods, let alone to make clear all the effective components in the TCM.Therefore, the research of reductionism is not capable of answering the essential question of the overall efficacy of TCM.It may lead to deviate from the system reasch p-Coumaric theory of TCM, so it needs to be combined with the system theory.In recent years, a variety of omics techniques based on system theory have been widely used in the research of TCM, but still cannot fully reveal the nature of it.Comprehensively understanding the mechanism of synergism among the effective components, drug targets and metabolic pathways is still highly demanded.One key to solve the problem is to carry out the research on the direct target of TCM.

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