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    Astoria coffee machines are considered the final result, the quintessence of creativeness and continuous growth. The item is made by Adriano Design and style – probably the most popular layout studios in Italy. Victor in the German Layout Honor 2019, probably the most exclusive and worldwide recognized prizes in the area of industrial style.

    What fantastic functions does the Astoria coffee machine have that are incredibly valued by experts?

    – Enables baristas to adjust and maintain an best gourmet coffee preparing user profile (account) as a result of pre-controlling pressure and temperature throughout extraction producing a series of coffees with consistent flavoring at distinct spots. distinct occasions.

    – Free of moisture Water vapor with advanced technology “Cool Touch” presents baristas who definitely are passionate about latte art work sufficient area to produce their own personal latte art work strategy.

    – The ability to instantly adapt the right temperature, improving the barista to manage the temp while preparing for any stable coffee.

    – GreenLine technological innovation in Astoria Storm FRC decreases electricity consumption by up to 47Percent when compared with models of similar ability. At the same time, the machine can automatically “Stand by” throughout off-peak working time.

    The appliance is suitable for just about any dispensing area in the timeless sophisticated type.

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