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    Cosmetology services from the beauty studio "The european union" can be a complete array of modern overseas equipment, programs and technologies that allow you to preserve and reveal natural beauty. So, our studio successfully applies in practice rejuvenating procedures involving exposure to microcurrents. Our list of services comes with timeless cosmetology services. We provide you with a built-in method of your beauty.

    We have now formed and are regularly creating the course of therapy with microcurrents – worldwide of cosmetology, these methods are the principal component for repairing grow older-associated alterations. We now have implemented this experience and placed it into process very efficiently.

    The present day cosmetology space in the Europa business is in several ways reminiscent of a doctor’s place of work, considering that a lot of the cosmetologist’s services require outstanding personal hygiene. All of our specialists hold the proper diplomas and licenses, so that we can promise great-top quality and efficient cosmetology.

    Complicated and powerful programs for skin restoration and care, skin revitalisation, transepidermal administration of lively ingredients, handling of ageing procedures, and also serious peels are targeted at strong recovery of skin cellular material and deeply tiers in the epidermis.

    For function, our experts select the most powerful and contemporary programs and preparations. Each and every procedure – microcurrents, vacuum massage, pressure therapy, Hot tub-proper care – is conducted, as is also standard in cosmetology, considering the patient attributes from the organism for each invitee of your beauty salon.

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