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    鈥?Our History
    Dongguan JULI Automatic Equipment Technology CO., LTD. was founded in 2011, after three expansion of the scale, now has the development department, processing department, assembly department, after-sales service and other professional teams. Committed to handbags, leather goods, mobile phone covers, watch belt and other leather industry automation equipment research and development, production.
    We adhere to the concept of “getting efficiency, find JULI” , design and made more automation degree of equipment, become the pioneer of “machine exchange people” trend.
    鈥?Our Factory
    Dongguan JULI Automatic Equipment Technology CO., LTD. Is an automatic manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales, and is located in the Guangdong famous town鈥斺€擧oujie Town. Our company has strong technical force, has excellent and professional team, widely absorbs the professional of the industry, improves the practicability of the product, and ensures the high-quality output of the product.
    鈥?Our Product
    Dongguan JULI Automatic Equipment Technology CO., LTD. Products includes the following:
    1. Planting oil edge machine series products
    2. Glue-spraying machine series products
    3. Infrared oven series products
    4. Grinding machine series products
    5. Other peripheral products
    Our company has a design team, specializing in handbags, leather goods and other related industry automation equipment research and development, the manufacture of more advanced automation equipment.
    鈥?Product Application
    Our company’s products are used in a wide range of applications. In the production process, if you use glue and leather oil, so you can use our equipments. such as:
    —–Leather goods,
    —–Footwear factory,
    —–Mobile phone sets,
    —–Watch bands, etc….
    鈥?Our Certificate
    Our company attaches importance to intellectual property rights and has a number of utility model patent certificates and invention patent certificates.
    鈥?Production Equipment
    NC production center , Lathe, Milling Machine, Wire Cutting, Carving Machine.
    鈥?Production Market
    We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Foreign customers are: Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Japan, South Korea and so on
    鈥籓ur Service
    Besides the existing standard equipment, our company also has the ability to customize equipment to design specific functions according to the different needs of customers. In the industry, we are the leader in manufacturing automation equipment. One year after the purchase of the equipment, we will provide a free service (the reason or force majeure is not covered by the warranty). Automatic Electric Press Machine factory

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