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    Hard empty Gelatine Capsules is the are used most among all capsule packing products. It is widely used in Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical factories with best machine filling rate and best price.

    Product introduction:

    路Before getting into production, all raw materials and excipients must be tested by QA
    路 Workshop all in GMP operation standard.
    路 Using 2 layers of PE bags and a corrugated thick carton to protect empty capsules in transportation.
    路 Excellent team for technical support and after-sales service
    (All Size Vegetable Capsules锛?/strong>

    Size and Index
    锛坢m锛?/p>Wall Thickness 卤0.020 (mm)Average Weight (mg)Lock Length (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Volume
    锛坢l锛?/p>Capsule Capacity Reference
    According to Density (mg)
    0.6 g/ml0.8 g/ml1.0g/ml1.2g/ml
    Advantages of Hard empty Gelatine Capsules
    High filling rate on all type of capsule filling machine
    Clear appearance
    Low cost for finished products

    Be used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, such as dietary supplements,drugs

    Manufacturing Advantages:
    World-class Aseptic Room Facility
    Cutting-edge Manufacturing Machines
    Well-documented Monitoring System
    Stringent Hygiene Standards
    Process Competent Personnel
    Climate and Humidity Diagnostic Equipment
    Quality Assurance: (GMP Standard)
    Raw material quality control:
    In order to guarantee safety and stability, all the raw materials for our capsule is inspected rigidly according to Enterprise quality standards which is made on the bases of State pharmacopoeia.
    Quality Control in Manufacturing:
    Sampling inspection is conducted during the producing process to keep all the parameters in right normal scope to strengthen quality stability.
    Glue dissolution: The temperature, color and viscosity are monitored under strict control.
    Capsule production:
    Appearance, dimension and moisture are checked by quality controller. Environment temperature and moisture level in factory room, as well as glue viscosity and temperature are monitored by the operator.

    Warehouse: Automatic Storage & Retrieval System Warehouse.

    New of Exhibitions.
    Regular exhibitions are Vitafoods Asia, CPHI CHINA, CPHI THAILAND, CPHI INDIA, SUPPLYSIDE WEST.
    Imminent Exhibitions in 2019: Vitafoods Asia in Singarpore and Supplyside West in Las Vegas.

    How to keep stable of the capsule filling rate?
    Except production strict control, QA control, we also have a capsule filling machine to test sample from each batch.
    Do you have a perfect recall system?
    Of course, this is required by all GMP standard factory. But we haven鈥檛 use it till now.
    How many years will you keep the sample from each batch?
    3 years.
    What is the shelf life?
    2 years.
    Welcome to inquire for more information.
    Contact person: Ella Wei
    Email : ella@healsee.net
    Mobile: +86-18054321709
    Wechat/Whatsapp: +86-18054321709
    Skype: healsee.ellaGelatine Capsule

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