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    This is a guide to help you find the slot machine that offers the highest payouts.

    The Slot machine has been a favorite pastime in American culture since the introduction of the first wooden slot machine back in the 1880s. Since then, slot machine players have like all other gamblers, thought of ways and concepts that they believe will beat the machine and they will hit the Jackpot.

    I want to discuss a few of these ideas and thoughts as to how to find the winning slot machine and or how to know which slot machine is the one that is closest to hitting the Jackpot.

    First, the slot machine is not what it was 50 years ago or 100 years ago. When
    Slot Online appeared with three reels and 10 to 16 pictures per reel, the odd were better at hitting the jackpot because the variables were lower. Now with the advancement in computer chips, you may have odds higher than 16 million to one that you are going to hit the jackpot after 1 million spins. The odds lower at this point, to 15 million to one, but these are pretty much still unbeatable odds.

    Let us face the facts; the casino loves slot machine and their slot machine players. For the casino, the slot machine is essentially a croupier, with very little maintenance, a little bit of electricity and a big mouth for pulling in large amounts of cash; it is a large money maker for the casino that the casino does not really have to do too much about except empty the coin drawer for the machine.

    The old saying that playing in highly trafficked areas and well lit places and staying away from the lone slot machine or the slot machines in the corner is rubbish. These machines are based on odds and winnings. The more money you put into the machine the likelier you are that you will win big. The best thing to do is to find a machine that you like and sit down and play.

    In slot machine play, the highest end dividend in slots is to the machine with the highest dollar play amount. A quarter or nickel slot machine will pay out something like 88 to 91 percent of the money put in. But a 5 dollar and higher slot machine will make payouts of 95 to sometimes 99 percent of the money played in that machine. So sometimes it is better to take a little risk and play the better machines by playing a bit more money if you have it to play.

    But all in all, slot machines are a type of offline and online gambling that is easy and can and does offer some of the chances of winning the largest amounts of money available. No book or guide is going to give you the best tip for finding the slot machine that will make you rich. The slot machine is made to make money for the casino and also to pay out a certain amount to keep slot machine players playing with the golden pot of gold glittering in their eyes with a chance to win big. So choose the machine that you favor the most and play to your hearts content.

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