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Forfatter Emne: 5 foods to eat, adjust the digestive system to balance Great cure for bloating!

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Indlæg 5 foods to eat, adjust the digestive system to balance Great cure for bloating!den: January 7, 2021, 08:51


Bloating or indigestion problems As well as frequent diarrhea and constipation, it is an important problem that should be resolved immediately. Because if you leave it for a long time Your digestive system will keep getting worse. And may result in many subsequent health problems Today we have food to stimulate digestion to leave, eat as follows .. Certification of internal problems, abdominal health will definitely be more relieved.

If the digestive system does not fight very well Yogurt is an alternative to help balance the digestive system. Because it is rich in good microorganisms or high amounts of probiotics It contributes to the work of the digestive system also helps to strengthen the immune system. Ready to prevent various diseases Related to the digestive system and excretion Thus helping to reduce constipation at the same time

2. Ginger
Is a spicy herb Which is very important to expel the wind, so if you have bloating, indigestion, and feeling that there is something stingy in the liguria all the time. Whether it is fried chicken with ginger Congee with sliced ​​ginger Steamed fish with warm ginger or ginger ale Just as this will feel relieved immediately. And able to eat normally

3. Banana
Bananas are common fruits that are easy to find. But full of benefits Because it contains many kinds of vitamins and minerals It also contains inulin. Which contributes to stimulating the growth of good microorganisms Making the digestive system And the excretion is normal It also stimulates the body to secrete mucus, protecting the gastric mucosa from the destruction of acid. So you feel that stomach irritation is reduced. When eating bananas

4. Soluble fiber
Also known as Oligo Fructose It is a food you should eat to help balance your stomach and intestines. In addition, once you have eaten yogurt, it should be immediately followed by oligofructose. Because it is a good source of food for beneficial microorganisms This will not worry about indigestion, as well as constipation and diarrhea at the same time.

5. Pineapple
Since the pineapple meat contains an enzyme called bromeline, which enzyme has the ability to degrade proteins. Eating pineapple ends every meal. It will even help the stomach do not have to work hard. Because there are digestive enzymes added in addition, pineapple also contains manganese and vitamin C. Which will be even more beneficial to the body

Try changing your menu each day. Have some of these foods as an ingredient in each meal. That's it. Flatulence. Tight colic or persistent diarrhea is surprisingly relieved.

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