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Indlæg mod minecraftden: November 3, 2020, 14:02

[url][/url]1. Optifine / Fastcraft

If you have a PC / Laptop with potato specifications then you must try Optifine / Fastcraft by using MOD which can help you to increase FPS in the game and overcome lag while in the game. In addition, by using Optifine / Fastcraft you will get other features such as Support for using Shaders, Dynamic Lights, Mipmaps and many others.

2. Journey map

Journey Map will help you in playing minecraft as you can see objects around you. by using the Journey Map which will make it easier for you to survive. In addition, with the Journey Map you can mark favorite places that you have previously visited. The Journey map can also tell you if there are enemies or mobs around you by giving a sign on the mini map [http://support.monobitengine.com/index.php?qa=user&qa_1=dompetqq]this source too[/url]..

3. Not Enough Items, Inventory Tweaks and Waila

You can use these three mods in one package, because these three mods have almost the same and related functions. Some of the functions of the three mods are as follows:

Inventory Tweaks: functions to replace your damaged items with one click, Sort the items in your inventory and others.

Not Enough Items: by using this mod you can see all items along with methods and recipes to make them. Perfect for those of you who are beginners.

Waila: if you use this mod, you will easily get information related to the block or item in front of you. Where later a tooltip will appear that provides information on the block or item [http://www.bosasu.com/dompetqq/index.html]this source too[/url].

4. Millénaire

This mod really helps you in terms of survival such as mining. If you usually have trouble finding good items such as diamonds, emerald and others, this mod can be a solution. This Millenaire mod will make it easier for you to find these items. Apart from that, this mod can also transform villagers into children, men or women.

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