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Indlæg monica peters den: January 27, 2017, 14:44


I burde deaktivere denne konto. Har lige modtaget dette brev 🙂

Good Day To You,
How are you today and your family,
The reason I write you this letter is because I needed a trust worthy person that can handle this issue with care and carry out my instructions and directives with sincere heart I am Mrs Monica a Greece citizen living in Lome Togo, I’m 42 years old widow suffering from a long time cancer of the breast in addition to high blood pressure. Reference to the doctor’s confirmation that I have less than three months to live, So I have decided to Donate €, which I deposited in my bank for the help of orphans and the less privilege through you for the work of humanity in the society as I don’t have a child that will inherit my wealth when I’m no more alive, I know too well that this project will make you have limited access to your own activities, so I permit you to take 10% of this fund for your faithful time/commitment and use the rest for the work of humanity to fulfill my last wish on earth.reply E-mail (
Your Sister
Mrs Monica


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Indlæg Re: monica peters den: January 28, 2017, 15:11

Hej Miranda Ongrar

Tak for din besked og vi kan nu fotælle dig at den konto der er tale om er blevet deaktiveret. 🙂

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